Louie Karo Golden (1901-1974) Family

Louie Karo Golden (1901 Jackson FL – 1974 Trinity, TX)
married first Marguerite M Johnston (b.1906 Jackson FL, d.aft 1935) and then Vinnie May Bennett (1918 TX – 2005 Rusk, TX)

Golden - Louie Karo - 1901 to 1974 - born in Jackson FL and died in Trinity TX
Pictured is Louie’s grandson Charles S. Goulden AKA Golden, son of Charles Eugene Golden, about 1962 and Louie’s daughter Mary Jo Golden.

Louie is the son of James Seaborn Golden (1881 Jackson FL – 1943 Trinity TX) and Mary Frances Phillips (1884 Graceville FL – 1960 Houston TX)

Marguerite M Johnston (1906 Jackson FL – aft 1935 ??)

Vinnie is the daughter of Richmond Floyd Bennett (1884 TX–1969 Houston, TX) and Lula Estell Due (1891 TX–1973 Houston, TX), both born and passed in Texas.

This line traces back to William Golden, circa 1760 of South Carolina, who married Jane Smith, b.1766 — little else is known about this family except that they had a son named John James Golden (1797–1857) … and that is where the story picks up.

John James Golden was born in South Carolina and at some time after age 19 moved to Shelby, Texas where he was living at age 49 per an 1846 town directory. John James was married to Sarah A. Hall, also of South Carolina birth.

The Louie Golden family Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/louie.golden.1