Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Bridges Golden, 1879–1958

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Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Bridges, 1879–1958

Born: October 25, 1879, Centerpoint, Monroe, Kentucky
— 1880 is commonly listed as her birth year, even on official documents.  Mary Elizabeth is recorded in the 1880 census as an infant less than one year old. The census was taken on June 12th, 1880 census for Centerpoint, Monroe County, Kentucky.

Died: 29 Nov 1958, Blount, Alabama (death certificate available)

Mother: Martha Melissa McGuffey, aka “Melissa” and “Lizzie”, born 1865 ((Celina) TN) – died after 1910 (Jefferson Co., AL).  Melissa’s mother was A. L. McGuffey, born about 1820 in Tennessee; 1880 census lists her as divorced. Can find no earlier census record. Per the 1880 census, Melissa is the oldest child with three younger siblings: James (1866), Jose (1867) and Sarah (1872).

Father: Bridges/Page

Married in 1896 to John Hambright Golden.


  • Joe D. Golden (1899-1910)
  • Bessie W. Golden (1901 – 1985)
  • Henry Roosevelt Golden (1904 – 1987)
  • John Wesley Golden (1907 – 1978)
  • Gladys Golden (1909 – ?)
  • Myrtle Arzella Golden (1918 – 1980)

Relationship: my great-grandmother.

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