How We Became Gouldens. Maybe. Rains vs Gouldman in 1718

Rains vs Gouldman Estate, 1718 ~~~ Goulden is Result? The following is mostly fact and part theory. I have tried to clearly delineate between the two. This is an article in active research.  Have discovered a number of relevant legal documents in the Essex County archives … access will depend upon COVID-19 cooperating so that … Read more

Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Bridges Golden, 1879–1958

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Mary Elizabeth “Betty” Bridges, 1879–1958 Born: October 25, 1879, Centerpoint, Monroe, Kentucky — 1880 is commonly listed as her birth year, even on official documents.  Mary Elizabeth is recorded in the 1880 census as an infant less than one year old. The census was … Read more

William and Nellie Golden of Edgefield, South Carolina, c1780-1810

William and Nellie Golden of Edgefield, South Carolina, c1780-1810 ISSUES — This page needs serious update. Check with Bill Golden before quoting — we all want to be as correct as possible. Thank you, Bill Golden Original Post is here: We reinclude all material once I have reviewed. Bill Golden, 2021.06.16

Keeling Replaced as Administrator of Capt Thomas Gouldman Estate, 1687

Capt Thomas Gouldman Estate, 1687, Keeling Replaced as Administrator June 1st, 1687 — The Old Rappahanock Court ordered Mary Warriner Keeling, widow of Edward Keeling to deliver every scrap of paper as they belong to the estate of Captain Thomas Gouldman: “…make true discovery and deliver up … all & every such papers bills & accts…”. … Read more

William and Nellie Golden of Edgefield, South Carolina

Note: Extensive revamping of this page is necessary. YDNA testing from mid-2017 has allowed the confirmation of some prior theories (to include disproval) as to which Goldens in the region belonged to which families. We have also now been able to confirm within about five miles as to where William and Nellie Goulden lived. Documentary … Read more

Clara Anne Norfleet (1933-1997) graduates1951 – Weeksville, NC

Clara Anne Norfleet Born April 10, 1933 – Hickory, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia or Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Died April 12, 1997 – Woodbridge, Prince William County, Virginia Mother: Jacqueline Virginia Norfleet, 1912–1973 … formally adopted by grandparents Alvah Edison Norfleet Sr, 1888–1959, and Nannie Leigh Hines, 1889–1963, as a baby. Grandparents are listed as parents on birth certificate. Relationship: my mom and … Read more