Micagor – Micajah – McCager Golden, 1829 VA to 1875 MO

Micajah GoldenMicajah Golden‘s line seldom extends beyond showing his parents. The glue that binds him to a specific family tree are a number of YDNA tests that match with descendants of William Golding c1704-1782 and Elizabeth Foster c1704-1775.

Born 17 Feb 1829  at Elk Creek, Grayson, Virginia … not known to be home turf to Goldings but just 42 miles from, and across the border with Goldings, Mt Airy, Surry County, North Carolina.

Modern Elk View Road, Providence, Grayson County, Virginia crosses Elk Creek.

Mt Airy is home to a branch of Goldings descended from William M. Golding, b1730 in Orange, Orange County, Virginia.

These Goldens are Goldings … YDNA: R1b.

Micajah Golden

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Micagor / Micajah / McCager Golden, 1829–1875

BIRTH 17 FEB 1829 • Elk Creek, Grayson, Virginia
DEATH 7 JAN 1875 • Buchanan, Atchison, Missouri

… married to:

Anna Cook Jamison, 1835–1917

BIRTH 19 AUG 1835 • Missouri
DEATH 14 JAN 1917 • Dawes, Nebraska

While documentation may be lacking as to parentage and lineage, YDNA testing plus matching names of who and where shows that this family tree comes together without any known contractions (conflicting information).

Micajah Golden

Micajah died from a hunting accident in which he was shot by a hunting party member, per the Cheney family history. An alternative story is that the hunting rifles were being placed in a sled while hunting and one went off. The rifle belonged to the same person in both stories.

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My relationship: I do not descend from Micajah Golden or the Golding line. However am indirectly related: 1st cousin 2x removed of wife of 4th cousin 6x removed