Micagor – Micajah – McCager Golden, 1829 VA to 1875 MO

Micajah Golden‘s line seldom extends beyond showing his parents. The glue that binds him to a specific family tree are a number of YDNA tests that match with descendants of William Golding c1704-1782 and Elizabeth Foster c1704-1775. Born 17 Feb 1829  at Elk Creek, Grayson, Virginia … not known to be home turf to Goldings … Read more

William Golding Land Grant 250 Acres, 1771, South Carolina

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook This land grant was to William Golding, c1704-1782, married to Elizabeth Foster, c1704-1775. Note: At least four William Golding male descendants have been YDNA-tested: haplotype R1b R-M269. Prior to South Carolina, the William Golding family lived in Orange, Orange County, Virginia. Most of William’s … Read more