More Golding/Golden DNA testing candidates wanted!

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More Golding/Golden DNA testing candidates wanted!

>>> Am looking for three male GOLDING/GOLDEN, etc., descendents from the line of Percival Golding (1579-1635), son of Arthur Golding (1536-1606).

>>> I will pay for a 37 marker Y-DNA test if your family tree shows that you are a direct male descendent from either of the following two sons of Percival: Gideon or Percival Jr. This requires that your last name be Golding, Golden or such.

We now have sufficient Y-DNA testing from Percival’s third son: William (Leftridge) Golding. Or do we?

If taking the Y-DNA test is of interest please contact me, William “Bill” Golden, at


This is important because

My theory is that all three of Percival Golding Sr’s sons left England and settled in Barbados between 1636-1638. Descendents of Gideon and Percival are fairly well documented and hopefully there are male heirs to this line living today.

About William (Leftridge) Golding, William is problematic … there is no documentary evidence that I know of for a William Leftridge Golding existing. However if you drop his middle name then there were several William Goldings in the right place at this time. One of the two can be discounted because he was really William Golder (or Goldner) and his line is very well documented — this William has an amazing story of his own. This is probably not my William.

My theory is that William Leftridge Golding is better known as the Reverend or Minister William Golding who left England for Barbados about 1636/7 and then went to Hingham, Massachusetts. He was a Puritan minister in both places, and had cofounded a Congregationalist church on Barbados with his fellow Anglican ministers White and Copeland after renouncing his membership and ministership in the Church of England before going to Massachusetts.

My theory is that he had a son named John born in 1640 at Hingham or Gloucester, Massachusetts. John would later go with Richard Ripley in 1650/51 to Gloucester, Virginia as an indenture to Ripley. Upon completion of his indentureship in 1658 John Golding then married Richard Ripley’s sister Elizabeth. We can fuzzily pick up John’s trail from there and track his descendents … but making the connection back to William, son of Percival is difficult and currently impossible to prove through documentation.

HOWEVER, the miracle of Y-DNA testing can prove that our line of Goldings/Goldens, etc., are descended from the line of Arthur and Percival Golding if we can get Y-DNA samples from direct descendents of Percival’s two other sons: Gideon and/or Percival Jr.

If taking the Y-DNA test is of interest please contact me, William “Bill” Golden, at