Goldings/Goldens and their roving neighbors the Fosters, Garnetts and the Ripleys

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This is a very incomplete list. There are easily 8-10 more intermarriages that I will be adding. I just need time to go through my notes. Would appreciate any pairings that you may know of:

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1658 – Virginia – John Golding (1635/40-1684) married Elizabeth Ripley (1639-1683).

1714 – Virginia – Isabella Golding (1699-1747) married John Foster (1689-1767). Their family line.

1728 – Virginia – William Golding (1704-1782) married Elizabeth Foster (1704-1775); Elizabeth was daughter of Robert Foster and Elizabeth Garnett.

1766 – South Carolina – Sarah Golding (1746-1812) married Anthony Foster.

1862 – Virginia –

1862 Battle of Garnetts & Goldings Farms, Henrico County, Virginia - June 28, 1862
1862 Battle of Garnetts & Golding’s Farms, Henrico County, Virginia – June 28, 1862

2013 – I have a Golden cousin married to a Foster. I do not believe that they grew up together … but some things are just meant to be. // 2014 Note: YDNA analysis shows that my cousin and I are not related to most of the Goldings listed on this page. Our Goldens are from the Nathaniel Green Golding/Goulding/Golden line.

Misc Notes to be followed up:

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