Nathan Goldin (Golden) 1827-1889, Carrollton, Carol County area, Georgia

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“An aged gentleman, Mr. Nathan Golden, died Friday the 15th inst(ant).”

Nathan’s full information is generally accepted to be:

Nathan Lee Goldin, 1827–1889
BIRTH DEC 23 1827 • Georgia, United States
DEATH 15 FEB 1889 • Haralson or Carrollton, Carroll, Georgia
Burial: Union Hill Methodist Church Cemetery, Haralson County, Georgia

>>> offers much more info on this family.

The family name is properly spelled “Goldin“, which includes his extensive Last Will and Testament, with “Goldin” being used throughout. Nathan’s many children also chose to use “Goldin” going forward.

Nathan Golden


Caleb Goldin, 1780–1855
BIRTH ABT 1780 • Ninety-Six District, South Carolina
DEATH 1855 • Haralson, Georgia

>>> Caleb’s parents are not known. No known YDNA test yet exists for this family line.

Elizabeth Beasley, 1795–1865
BIRTH 1795 • Edgefield, Edgefield County, South Carolina
DEATH 1865 • Haralson County, Georgia

Nathan Goldin married Mary Catherine Whitton (1832–1878) with either six or seven children within most family histories.

Civil War — On 4 March 1862, Nathan was called to service as a member of the Haralson County, Georgia militia, along with his brother Seburn/Seaborn Goldin.

Carrolton Georgi


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