1791 – William Goldin Land Grant 400 Acres – Pleasants County (West) Virginia

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William Goldin received a land grant in 1791 for 400 acres on Sugar Creek, which I believe is now in Pleasants County, West Virginia.

James Goulden, whether there were one or two or more James Gouldens, received a range of Wood County land grants on Slate Creek and Wolf’s Run in 1833, 1835, 1846,  1852, 1858, and 1859. The separation of the land grants into two periods of 1833-1835 and 1852-1859 hint that there may be a senior and a junior James Goulden (Golden).

I do not know the family history of these Goldens but look forward to you sharing this information if you have it.

Sims Index to Land Grants is available on Ancestry.com as a searchable document.

James Goulden and William Goldin -- Golden

All locations neighbor along the Ohio-West Virginia state lines.

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