NEWSFLASH Feb 11, 1860 … Goldens and Dillards and Nortons have legal problems

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Keowee CourierNEWSFLASH Feb 11, 1860 … Goldens and Dillards and Nortons have legal problems. The article below appeared in the Keowee Courier newspaper under the category of Sheriff’s Sales — meaning that a legal decision had been given on these lawsuits and the sheriff was to sell off property to settle a lawsuit.


Thomas Dillard — 200 acres of his land on 12 Mile River is being sold by the Sheriff. His neighbors are named Allgood, Rogers and Stephens. He is being sued by Alexander and Kirksey. (Legal papers should be available somewhere in the county or state legal archive.)

This would appear to be the same 200 acres of land that Nathaniel Greene Golden (NGG) sold to T. L. Keith (Y. L. Keith) in 1839. The Alexanders were witnesses in the 1839 land deal and Kirksey was the Justice of the Peace and Notary Public that processed the 1839 land deal.

Thomas Dillard’s problems with this land appears to have been ongoing for some time. A similar notice was published in the 13 Feb 1858 Keowee Courier. … Without knowing the real story, one guess is that Thomas Dillard may have taken a loan and used the land as collateral. Not uncommon for farmers.

13 Feb 1858

??? When did Thomas Dillard come into the land after 1839? The Dillards lived close to the Goldens as early as 1810 in Edgefield, SC … so there was a good chance that they knew William and Nellie Golden, parents to NGG.

1839 Land Deal


NGG appears to have been sued by the state of South Carolina and one acre of land sold to settle the lawsuit. This land adjourns that of Col Jeptha Norton, who is married to Elizabeth Moore.

>>> Col Jeptha Norton had sold this same one acre of Tunnel Hill land to NGG on 18 Sep 1850.

NGG is married to Arzela Moore. … Elizabeth Moore is probably a cousin of Arzela. My belief is that Elizabeth’s parents were William B. Moore (1748-1827) and Elizabeth Steele of Washington County, Virginia, but some family histories claim that her father was Miles Moore — I can find no record for any Miles Moores, however Elizabeth named her first son Miles Moore Norton.

>>> NGG and family moved some months after the February 1860 Sheriff’s Sale and were living nearby at Benton, Polk County, Tennessee in time for the July 7th, 1860 census.

Thomas Golden property
Thomas Golden property 1763 … the same as sold in 1839?

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