Edward Golden, 1733-1777, of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

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Michael Gulden has kindly provided us with a story of his immigrant grandfather, as well as some wonderful photos of the family. BTW, these Goldens, Gouldings and Guldens are YDNA-tested.

From Michael:

My earliest known ancestor is Edward Golden, born before 1733 and died 28 Mar 1777. We believe he probably immigrated to America about 1751. Early original land warrant records from Brecknock Township, Lancaster County, PA, have his surname spelled Goulding and Golding. He married Ernstina Eckert, who was born 1735 near Effringen, Germany, who immigrated, with her family, 16 Oct 1751. We find this marriage a bit unusual, as DNA points to Edward being from Northern Ireland, that he would marry a German girl, not the custom of the time. They had eight children, to wit:

  • daughter Mary Nancy Golden who married Mathias Coldren who lived on the neighboring parcel. Kohlronn, as it is found in early records, is a somewhat rare surname, but they produced numerous descendants.
  • son William Golden was a revolutionary war veteran and moved west, first to Shippensburg, PA, then on to Mt. Pleasant Township, Westmoreland County, PA. His children moved to near Fort Wayne, Allen County, IN. One of his grandsons continued west and founded the town of Goldendale, WA.
  • son John Gulden married Elizabeth Weber, sister of his brother’s wife Catharine Weber. They lived near Terre Hill, PA, until the passing of his Weber mother-in-law, and then moved to Berwick Township, Adams County, PA. His numerous descendants are found in that area. Also another interesting fact, John’s second wife was the sister-in-law of Jacob Graff. Jacob Graff rented a room, in his house, in Philadelphia, to Thomas Jefferson who likely wrote the Declaration of Independence there.
  • son Edward Golden lived briefly in Robeson Township near his mother, who remarried to George Blumer, then briefly in Adams County before settling near Shippensburg, PA., where  a number of his descendants are found.
  • daughters Ernstina Niethawk, Maria Beam, Sarah Schmidt, & Margaret Frey all married into families from the area around Brecknock Township, Berks County, PA.

My genealogical research has identified over 611 male Golden’s descended from Edward Golden. I am coordinating DNA research in order to further the quest to find Edward’s European origin. To date I have confirmed 5 separate lines of 5th cousins as well as 11, and counting, autosomal matches to Edward. So I can indeed say DNA science works.

Michael Gulden
mchlgldn AT gmail.com

Gulden Farm House
Farm house was owned by the oldest son George of John, son of Edward. Was inherited by George’s youngest son John Jacob Gulden (1831-1917) in the picture.


Emanuel and Lydia Goulden
Emanuel (1825-1899) was George’s son, my 2nd great-grandfather.

You are welcome to add to or to correct this story by contacting: Bill Golden, Norfolk1956@gmail.com

BTW – I look forward to sharing your stories, photos and in-search-of quests. Contact me at the email address above.

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