Peter Goulding of Dorchester, Berkeley County, South Carolina

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Peter Goulding appears in the Charles Town (Charleston) area for the first time in 1716. Just prior in 1714, a Thomas Goulding begins appears in local (Berkeley County) records: 1711, 1713, 1714 and 1715. The relationship of Thomas Goulding with Peter Goulding is unknown.

This Peter Goulding descends from Peter Goulding of Dorchester, Boston, Massachusetts. This is one of the oldest Goulding families in America — and their immigration to America is very well recorded. These Gouldinsg came from Shipdham, Essex, England. Grandfather Captain Peter Goulding was a shipping master who regularly sailed between England and Massachusetts. He settled down and married Sarah Palmer about 1664/65 in Boston.


I have not been able to identify descendants of either Peter or Thomas Goulding.

There are however descendants of the Massachusetts line of these Gouldings, some of whom (Palmer Goulding) migrated to Georgia. No known YDNA exists for these Gouldings.


1716Peter Goulding is listed as a petitioner but not a resident. I assume that this was some legal matter but no more information is known.

1717Peter Goulding is again listed as a petitioner but not a resident, as in 1716. I assume that this is chancery petition of some kind.

1722 — Peter Goulding appointed as one of three commissioners charged with building a road and a bridge to Westo Savanna from Stevens Bridge, South Carolina.

Peter Goulding

Westo Savanna was a native American Indian trading town. The Westo was one tribe, later displaced by the Savanna tribe. In the early 1720s the Savanna so disliked dealing with the settlers that most left the area.

For reasons only partially clear, the South Carolina government felt that having Indians living in the area was good for both trade and defense against other tribes … so Chickasaw Indians were invited to migrate from Mississippi with their families to the town of Westo Savanna which became known as Savannah Town, just south of modern Augusta, Georgia.

Savannah River
Central Savannah River in 1775 showing Augusta, Fort Moore / Savannah Town, New Savannah, and bounds of New Windsor Township

1725Peter Goulding is listed in a census of St. George Parish, Dorchester, SC. His household has one male (himself), one woman, two children and 11 slaves (4 males, 3 women, 4 children).

1728 – Peter Goulding of Dorchester, Berkeley Co., SC, sold to William Jenison of Worcester, MA, for 120 pounds all of his shares and land in Worcester, Middlesex, MA, which he had inherited from his father Peter Goulding of Sudbury, MA. This event establishes the parentage of Peter Goulding.

Peter Goulding

1729Peter Goulding serves as a delegate representing St. George’s, Dorchester Parish to the 7th Commons House of Assembly. The Seventh Commons House of Assembly under Royal Rule attempted to convene on at least four (4) known occasions. The first session met on August 6, 1729, but was prorogued (postponed). The second session met on August 7, 1729, but it too was prorogued. The third session met on October 14, 1729, and it was once again prorogued. The fourth session met on October 15th and finally made a quorum. A sufficient number took the state oaths, but only eleven (11) members agreed to take the necessary oaths in the Commons House. Royal Governor Robert Johnson dissolved the Assembly on October 16th, with no legislative action ever taken by this Assembly.

1730Peter Golding is listed on a Grand Jury list for Saint Bartholomews Parish, pre 1768 Colleton County. Colleton County was broken up in 1768; pre-1768 (1682-1768), Colleton County was everything south of the Stono River in present-day Charleston County presumably all the way to Florida. However, the actual parish church of Saint Bartholomews Parish is in what is today’s modern Colleton County.

1733 May 23 – Peter Goulding // Memorial for 3 tracts totaling 720 acres in Ashley Barony (2 pages). SC Archives; info not online; see Series: S111001, Volume: 0003, Page: 00288, Item: 001.

1758-1761Peter Goulding passes and his Charleston District estate is inventoried.

Peter Goulding

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