WANTED – YDNA Test for Thomas Goulden of Cheshire, England and Edgefield, South Carolina

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Am seeking male Gouldens (Goldens) related to the following to take a YDNA test, or to share your YDNA test results if you have already taken such a test:

  • Thomas Goulden (1686–1749) and Alice Shaw (1688–1781)
  • Supposed parents of: Thomas Goulden Jr, married to Ellen Walker
  • … and male Golden/Gouldens descended from Thomas Goulden who settled in the Ninety Six District, South Carolina, in 1767.

Thomas Goulden, Jr., may have had a daughter named Barbara Goulden (c1720-1794 NC, USA) and John (Thomas) Goulden (c1715-aft 1767 SC or VA, USA). Place of birth would probably be in Cheshire, England, and both Barbara and John (Thomas) would have been first generation immigrants to Virginia.

Cheshire, England

Barbara Goulden‘s place of birth is often listed as Pulaski, Virginia: this is just not possible for many reasons. However, Barbara is documented as living in the Stafford, Virginia area in 1735 and her life is relatively well documented until her death in 1794 in North Carolina. Via atDNA, Barbara Goulden and I are related.

John (Thomas) Goulden is possibly the origin of my family line in America, but only a YDNA test can prove this. My association of John (Thomas) with Barbara is circumstantial. I have no proof of their relationship. There is however one family history that records them as being siblings, and lists John (Thomas) as being born in Cheshire, England c1715.

A Thomas Goulden settled in the Ninety Six District of South Carolina in 1767, having gotten a land grant of 200 acres in 1763. No records of Thomas’ children or spouse are known to exist. There must have been at least two if not three children in the family as land was granted at 50 acres per family member. Thomas Gouldens and Goldens lived in this area of South Carolina through at least 1840, and it appears that in 1800 and 1810 that they lived very nearby if not adjacent to my great-grandparents William and Nellie Goulden at Edgefield, South Carolina.

I believe that my great-grandfather William Goulden (c1750-c1809) may be a son of this Thomas Goulden. Spelling of our family’s name changed to ‘Golden’ from ‘Goulden’ at some time between 1810-1820.

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