Pickens, South Carolina, 1812 – In Search of Nathaniel Greene Golden

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Pickens, South Carolina (SC) in 1812

Nathaniel Greene Golden was said to be born in Pickens, Pendleton District, SC in 1812.

Numerous family histories list his father as Richard Golding (1776-1845), son of Richard Golding (1744-1788). YDNA analysis shows that such is probably not likely. There was another Green Golding/Golden known to be of some prominence in the area as he was appointed a Road Commissioner in the Pendleton District in 1821. Nothing more is known about him other than in 1822 he stepped down as one of the commissioners, as construction projects were completed. There is more than coincidence in the names as at the time of Nathaniel Greene Golden’s birth there were barely 3,100 families in the region.

A new newspaper started publishing in 1812, the Pendleton Messenger … Pendleton was the town where the court house sat that served the tri-county area (as of 1826) of Anderson, Pickens and Oconee. Pendleton itself is now in Anderson County.

Have searched the entire newspaper. It survives almost wholly intact and is available online. There is no mention of Goldens and/or Goldings at this time. Not a bad thing as the newspaper was mostly legal proceedings and some business news … with the occasional murder or stolen horse (legal stuff!)

Per the 1810 Census, out of 3,063 documented households there were just six Golden/Golding families in the tri-county area known as The Pendleton District:

G435 GOLDEN Foster
G435 GOLDEN Isaac
G435 GOLDEN Rueben
G435 GOLDEN Susan
G435 GOLDEN William
G435 GOLDING Richard

All of the above are believed to be descendents of Richard Golding (1744-1788).

All: M-252 061 149 NdRcd No Twp. Listed

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