Rebecca Goulding and family comes to America, 1913

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Charlotte Rebecca Goulding Barber left Liverpool, England for New York on March 20th, 1913. She had married just the year before to Arthur Albert Barber.

Goulding - Charlotte Rebecca - b1883 immigrant to USA in 1913
Ship’s manifest:
Goulding - Charlotte Rebecca - 1913 immigrant aboard the RMS Celtic
An advertisement from the period for the RMS Celtic and travel from Liverpool to New York. Source:

Seven members total of the Barber family arrived in New York, NY on March 30th, 1913 after sailing from Liverpool aboard the ship named ‘Celtic’. The ship’s manifest listed all four of “Rebecca’s” family member names: Arthur, Rebecca, Helena, and Olive. It appears that Arthur probably had an older brother by two years named Frederick William Barber, who also brought his family: his wife Mary M. and an unnamed two year old daughter.

Arthur was born in 1887. Helena was born in 1912 and Olive in 1913.

Rebecca’s full name is Charlotte Rebecca Goulding, born in New Raneely, Lincolnshire, England in 1882/83 to Charles Goulding. There is no recording of her mother’s name, but it is said by current family members that her family name was Burton. Charles’ mother’s name was Mary, and his father’s name is unrecorded.

Rebecca is listed in the 1891 census as being 8 and living with her grandmother: Mary Goulding, then age 67, at Upwell St Peter, Norfolk, England. There were no other Gouldings in the household

Rebecca appears in the 1911 (April) census as unmarried and her occupation is ‘servant’ at a home in Huddersfield, Yorkshire-West Riding, England. Since her daughter Helena was born in 1912 then it is at some time after April 1911 that Rebecca married to Arthur Barber.

The family did not remain in New York as they moved on to Detroit, Wayne, Michigan where they are listed in the 1920 census.

Goulding - Charlotte Rebecca - b1883 immigrant to USA
Ship’s manifest:

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