Rev James Madison Harleston Golden, 1845-1918

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James Madison Harleston Golden

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James Madison Harleston Golden
Photo by judyroberts6221/ANC.
  • Birth 8 SEP 1845 in Cleburne Co., Alabama
  • Death 17 FEB 1918 in Golden Springs, Calhoun, Alabama; it is said that the place name was originally Golden’s Springs but was shortened; named after the Golden family that homesteaded the land.
  • Descended from William Golding (1704-1782) by way of Richard Golding (1744-1788); William Golding (1772-1848) and James Allard Golden (1814-1887).
  • Parents: James Allard Golden (1814-1887) and Thurza Charlotte Price (1822-1900)
  • Filed for a Civil War Veteran Pension at Calhoun County, Alabama.
  • Unit listed on his pension application: Company A, 8th Confederate Calvary, commanded by Captain Miller of Talladega, Alabama.
  • War wounds: wounded in left leg in June 1862 and in his left arm in July 1863.
  • Gravestone shows that he was Reverend James H. Golden.
  • Formal Name: Although several family histories list his name as James Madison Harleston Golden, I can find no formal reference to Madison as being an actual part of his name. It may have been a nickname.

Civil War Pension Application

Golden - James Madison Harleston - Civil War Pension Application - page 2 - SNIP - final determination of pension
James Madison Harleston Golden – Civil War Pension Application – Final Determination – it appears that his pension was $4.50

There are approximately 30 single pages of documents, affadavits and misc in James’ Civil War Pension Application. During the war James suffered a wound to his leg. It would appear that after ten years of working his way through the bureaucracy he received $4.50. If there was some other pension then that was not shown. The cover document in his file lists simply: $4.50 and his class determination was Class 4, the lowest level of pension award.

Golden - James Madison Harleston - Civil War Pension Application

Just prior to final pension determination (1900) James was required to provide a list of his possessions and their estimated value to a Justice of the Peace, named J.A. Weatherby. James’ personal property holdings were:

  • Horses and mules: 1, value $30.
  • Cattle of all kinds: 4, value $50.
  • Hogs, sheep and goats: 2, value $10.
  • Pistols, guns, etc: 1, value $5.
  • Household and kitchen furniture: value $50
  • Bicyles and vehicles: 1, value $10.
  • Goods, wares and merchandise: none.
  • Mechanical and farming tools and implements: none.
  • Total personal property value: $160.

After James passed away in 1918, his wife Nancy applied for a war widow’s pension. In her application she stated that she had no property, and that she lived on a 40 acre farm belonging to her daughter Jennie and her family.

Civil War widow pension applicatio
Mrs. James H. Golden’s 1920 signature on her Civil War widow pension application.

Married to Nancy Mariah Harrison (1845-1923) on March 16, 1865 at Calhoun County, Alabama. Nancy was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina.


  • Infant Golden
  • William “Billy” Tyree Golden (1866-1924)
  • Mary Ida “Mollie” Golden (1868-1935)
  • Charles Norton Golden (1870-1930)
  • John Wesley Golden (1872-1934)
  • Sam Golden (1873-1896)
  • Ellen Golden (1874-1952)
  • Annie Golden (1878-1878)
  • Jennie Golden (1879-??)
  • infant twin of Virginia (Twin) Golden (1880-1880)
  • Virginia Victoria (Twin) Golden (1880-1936)
  • Allie Lassie Golden (1882-1950)
Golden - James Madison Harleston -b1845 to 1918 - gravestone
James Madison Harleston Golden – 1845 to 1918 – gravestone. Golden Springs Congregational Methodist Church cemetery, Anniston-Oxford, Alabama.
Photo: JosephSchlatter / ANC

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