William Cook Golden, 1807-1860, North Carolina – Who are his parents?

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Who are William Cook Golden’s parents?

He is from Surry County, North Carolina and married into a family (Snow) that has an extremely close relationship with Goldens and Goldings within the county. Yet I cannot find his parents.

atDNA – Ancestry.com atDNA match with this family; DNA connection:  Jmullins81.

William Cook Golden
Birth: about 1807 North Carolina
Death: 1860
— Parents: Unknown
— Spouse: Nancy Snow (abt 1808-1899)
— Children:
—- Elizabeth Golden (1834-??)
—- Logan Golden(1836-??)
—- Sarah Golden(1842-??)
—- William Tyson Golden (1843-1923)
—- Henry Dickerson Golden (1844-??)
—- Hasten Houston Golden (1847-??)
—- Virginia Golden (1850-1921)

FamilySearch.org sez:

FamilySearch.org lists William Cook Golden’s parents as Thomas Golding (1776-1843) and Elizabeth (nee ??; 1777-c1860/70).

Thomas Golding is listed as born in 1776 in Orange County, Virginia and died in 1843 at State Road, Surry County, North Carolina.

— There is no parentage offered for Thomas Golding.

Elizabeth (nee ??) was born in 1777 and passed away at some time between 1860 / 1870  at State Road, Surry County, North Carolina.

Marriages of Surry County, North Carolina, 1779-1868

Golden, Thomas and Charlotte Fels, 17 Aug 1843; John A. Jones, bm.

Golden, William and Mary Snow, 9 Jan 1854, William Golden, bm.

Golding, Wm and Nancy Snow, 26 Jan 1833; Simpson Snow, bm.

Golding, Abner and Deborah Wright, 21 Jul 1849.

Golding, James and Jane Snow, 5 Dec 1835; Calvin Snow, bm.

Golding, John and Matildy Snow, 22 Jan 1835; Georg Burres, bm.

Golding, Reubin and Nancy Butcher, 9 Oct 1849; Nicholas Butcher, bm.

Golding, Richard and Charlott Cave, 2 Jan 1817; Elias Cave, bm.

Golding, Semcer and Ellen Bray, 7 Mar 1849; Nicholas Butcher, bm.

Golding, Thomas and Ayzina Butcher, 30 Nov 1848; Nicholas Butcher, bm.


Source: Marriages of Surry County, North Carolina, 1779-1868, Pages 76-77

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