Senator Addison Mitchell “Mitch” McConnell – 7th Cousin

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Senator Addison Mitchell McConnell

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is a cousin going seven generations back. Below is how our current McConnell and Golden families are related to each other.

Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr (1942 – )
7th cousin 2x removed

Addison Mitchell McConnell Sr (1912 – 1990)
father of Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr

Florence Agnes Farrington (1880 – 1963)
mother of Addison Mitchell McConnell Sr

Josiah D Farrington (1846 – 1904)
father of Florence Agnes Farrington

Joseph Farrington (1802 – 1874)
father of Josiah D Farrington

Jehu Farrington (1766 – 1861)
father of Joseph Farrington

Elizabeth Thornburg (1749 – 1840)
mother of Jehu Farrington

Thomas Thornburg (1715 – 1797)
father of Elizabeth Thornburg

Thomas A Thornburg (1690 – 1758)
—>>> This is our shared grandfather of the current McConnell and Golden relationship.
father of Thomas Thornburg

Hannah Thornburg (1725 – 1791)
daughter of Thomas A Thornburg

Ruth Mills (1763 – 1801)
daughter of Hannah Thornburg

Nancy Johnson (1793 – 1875)
daughter of Ruth Mills

Mary Ann Polly Hardin (1814 – 1850)
daughter of Nancy Johnson

Susan Penelope Fields (1842 – 1900)
daughter of Mary Ann Polly Hardin

Martha Melissa Brooks (1862 – 1941)
daughter of Susan Penelope Fields

Sultania Graham (1886 – 1923)
daughter of Martha Melissa Brooks

Readie Mae Belcher (1907 – 1993)
daughter of Sultania Graham

John Henry Golden USMC (1934 – 2001)
son of Readie Mae Belcher

William David Golden
You are the son of John Henry Golden USMC

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