Samuel Golden and the Funderburghs — 1810 Edgefield, SC Census

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Samuel Golden in the 1810 census for Edgefield County, SC — and the Funderburghs!

1810 Census Edgefield SC

Samuel Golden‘s household consists of three boys under the age of 10 (James, Henry, ???) and two girls (Elizabeth, ???) under the age of 10. Both Samuel and his wife Lydia Parrish are described as being in the 26-44 age group.

— It can be assumed that these young children (???) died before reaching adulthood as their names do not survive in any list of Samuel’s children.

Samuel’s family lives just a few census pages away from “Nelly Golden” and “Isaac Golden“. All names are spelt as “Goldin” in the census.


Association of Mary Frances Golden as being the daughter of William and Nelly Golden is an inferred relationship, based upon the 1800 census indicating that they had two daughters under age 10 (1790-1800), the 1810 census for Nelly Golden indicating that she had a daughter age 16-25 (1794-1785), known dates for Mary Frances’ birth and death per the Funderburgh family history, and DNA-matches of Mary Frances’ descendants.

The area of Edgefield that the Goldens and Funderburghs lived in is what we know as Saluda County today. Per census records there are no other local candidate families for Mary Frances to belong.



Just three residences over from Samuel Golden lives Anthony Funderburgh (Funderburk). His son Peter Elijah Funderburgh (b1790) would marry William and Nelly Golden‘s daughter Sarah Frances Golden (b1796).

Peter and Sarah Frances supposedly married in 1810 at Lancaster, SC, which is near to Rock Hill and almost on the North Carolina line, just south of Charlotte, NC. Why they would marry at Lancaster, SC is unknown. It is some distance from Edgefield and they appear to have settled in Edgefield. It may be that they had a wedding of some sort and Lancaster was a good meeting point. The Funderburgh family had migrated from Maryland and settled in North Carolina before living in Fairfield, South Carolina just a few years prior to Anthony living in Edgefield. Fairfield is just a few miles from Lancaster.

Mary Frances Golden Funderburgh had a daughter in 1816 Mary Eveline (1816–1898) and she died after giving birth to Matilda (Melissa) Funderburgh (1819–1880).


The Funderburghs are of Palatinate German descent that came to South Carolina by way of Ireland, Baltimore, Maryland, and Cleveland, North Carolina.

Peter VonDerBurg (b1703 at Berg, Ahrweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany) descendants have anglicized the family name to Funderburgh, sometimes spelt as Funderburk.

After initially settling in Ireland, Peter brought his family to Baltimore, Maryland between 1727-1730. His son Anthony would marry a good Scot-Irish girl named Rebecca McCarthy in North Carolina and then settled in Fairfield, South Carolina by 1753.  and they resided in Edgefield, South Carolina by 1774.

Rebecca passed away in 1785 and Anthony remarried to Susannah Waggoner (1760–1800).

DNA — Multiple Funderburgh family members have taken Ancestry DNA tests and have matches with our family.


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