Slaves – Thomas Golding of ‘Missouri Mill’ Prince William County, Virginia advertises for a runaway – 1851

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Alexandria Gazette 22 Aug 1851

RANAWAY, on Saturday night last, 16th of the present month, August, from my place of residence, MISSOURI MILLS, four and a half miles from Dumfries, Prince William County, Va. my Negro man, who calls himself GEO. POSEY. He is about five feet seven inches in height, very black,  has a bald head, in conversation has a down look, has no scars recollected of. His clothing consisted of black pantaloons of casinett striped, a black hat, coat not recollected. He was purchased by me of William Beatty, near Front Royal, Warren County, State of Virginia. Mr Beatty was the executor of Thomas John, of the same county. I will give a reward of fifty dollars, if taken in the state of Virginia, or seventy-five dollars if taken in any other state and secured in jail, so that I recover him again, It is possible that he may have written a pass for himself, being capable of writing, and having endeavored to get a piece of paper from some of my family.

Thomas Golding
Prince William County, Va.

Thomss Golding - 1851
SOURCE: Prince William County Virginia, 1840-1860, Newspaper Transcripts, by Ronald Ray Turner of Manassas, Virginia, 1999. Available in the Chinn Public Library, Woodbridge, Virginia


Missouri Mill is now a historical site in the southeastern corner of Prince William County, Virginia not far from the entrance to Quantico Marine Corps base.

Location: Latitude: 38.5367885 // Longitude: -77.3913721

Golding - Thomas - 1851 - Prince William County VA - location of Missouri Mill

Today, Missouri Mill (historical) is just a ‘locale’. Definition: Place at which there is or was human activity; it does not include populated places, mines, and dams (battlefield, crossroad, camp, farm, ghost town, landing, railroad siding, ranch, ruins, site, station, windmill).Missouri Mill (historical) is a Locale. Definition: Place at which there is or was human activity; it does not include populated places, mines, and dams (battlefield, crossroad, camp, farm, ghost town, landing, railroad siding, ranch, ruins, site, station, windmill).


The relationship of Thomas Golding and Missouri Mill is currently unknown, although in his paid newspaper advertisment he refers to it as his ‘place of residence’.

A relationship between a water-powered mill and the nearby port town of Dumfries is much better known. Goods of whatever nature were processed at the mill and then carted just barely four miles away to Dumfries for transport by ship.

By 1870 Missouri Mill found itself in legal entanglement. There is no mention of any Golding ownership.

Alexandria Gazette 14 May 1870

LETTERS FROM PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, Correspondence of the Alexandria Gazette

The May term of the Circuit Court for this county was held this week ending yesterday evening under Judge Keith.

A number of decrees were entered and much other chancery business was attended to. In the celebrated chancery case of Carney vs Taylor, involving the title to the “MISSOURI MILLS” property in this county, the Court appointed Benjamin S. Wheat, Esq. of Stafford County, a receiver, and recommitted the papers to the Commissioner.



There is a Missouri Mill Cemetery from the same time period as Thomas Golding owned or managed Missouri Mill.

No Goldings are known to be buried within the cemetery.

For info about this cemetery contact Joyce Withers –

This cemetery is sometimes referred to as the Leary Family Cemetery. It is located on the Quantico Marine Base, in Prince William County, Virginia.  It is enclosed by a brick wall. There were tombstones here that were no longer readable and there were graves marked only by fieldstone markers. It was surveyed on March 5, 2001 by Robert and Allen Withers. It is maintained by the Marine Corps.

Graves are known to exist for:

Abel, Damon C. – November 15, 1895 – June 14, 1969

Abel, Edith Gertrude  – May 5, 1868 – December 29, 1899

Abel, Elmer C. – December 6, 1904 – July 1, 1931

Abel, Wallace Emory – May 18, 1890 – December 5, 1911
son of W. W. and E. G. Abel

Abel, Wallace Wesley – October 11, 1863 – May 18, 1916

Cato, James Henry – 1841 – 1922

Cato, Wm G. Jr – July 11, 1925 – February 25, 1931 (footstone – Billy)

Chapman, Thomas – May 22, 1769 – September 11, 1827

Jones, Viola A. RN – September 15, 1893 – December 3, 1978

Leary, Alice Florence Haley – September 6, 1872 – March 25, 1936

Leary, John Braxton – June 13, 1864 – December 14, 1936

Leary, Mary Virginia Cole – October 23, 1841 – July 4, 1909

Leary, Viola Pearl – July 9, 1880 – October 19, 1881

Leary, William Barry MD – October 28, 1836 – November 27, 1890

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