1845 – Daniel Golden marries Susan A. Arant Golding (Golden)

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Daniel Golden and Susan A. Arant Golding married in 1845 in Alabama.

Their exact dates of death are unknown even though we have gravestones for them.

They last appeared in the 1860 census at Western Division, Tallapoosa, Alabama. Both were in their mid-30s at the time.

Golden - Daniel Daniel Golden (1824-aft 1860, probably aft 1880)

Layton Golden (1801–1889)
Lydia Gray (1802–1849



Golding - Susan A ArantSusan A. Arant Golding (1825-aft 1860, probably aft 1880)

William Golding (1772–1845)
Jane Smith (1783–1850)



Daniel’s original gravestone appears to only contain his name. No dates are given. Family members added a later grave marked “Daniel and Susan”; it also contains no dates.

A Daniel Golden appears again in the 1880 census at Eufala, Tallapoosa, Alabama … His year of birth and location of birth (Georgia) are appropriate for this to be same Daniel Golden, but in the census he is married to Sarah J. Golden age 50 and they have a teen son (16) named Andrew J. Golden (abt 1864). This Daniel’s occupation in 1880: farmer.

Sarah J’s age and place of birth (South Carolina) are close enough to Susan’s information that they may be one and the same — although there is a five year difference in the birth year.

Image Credits:

Daniel’s Photo: Lingenfelser Family Tree
Susan’s Photo: William Stephen Golden Family Tree
Gravestone: Sonnamaker Family Tree