Tennessee – recorded Golden marriages before 1825

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The following are recorded Golden kin marriages in Tennessee before 1825:

  • Anna Goldin married George Hinshaw on 16 Dec 1815 at Grainger County
  • Anney Goulding married John Thompson on 14 Feb 1800 at Grainger County
  • Elizabeth Golden married William Humbard on 5 Mar 1820 at Grainger County
  • Milly Goulden married Andrew Patterson on 14 May 1823 at Grainger County
  • Nancy Golden married George McFarlan on 20 Apr 1801 at Knox County
  • Polly Golden married John A. Brinkley on 8 Jun 1822 at Sumner County
  • William Golden married Sarah Haworth on 21 Apr 1803 at Jefferson County

Documentation for these marriages can be found on Ancestry.com

Tennessee did not begin recording marriages until 1908. Local record keeping varies widely, where it was done at all before 1908.

You can find a wide range of information on Tenessee vital records at the online state archive.