Three John Goldens served in the American Revolutionary War

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1780 May 26th –  John Golden is KIA in South Carolina as a Continental soldier. As a Continental he may or may not have been a South Carolinian. His unnamed children are given an annuitancy due to his death from military service per the South Carolina archive document House of Representatives / Annuities, Claims, and Pension Reports — which offers no other specifics.

His date of death came just weeks after the three month ‘Siege of Charleston‘ ended on May 12, 1780 with the British taking the city and 5,266 American continental line and militia soldiers taken prisoner.

There are three John Goldens officially acknowledged as having served in the American Revolution. Virginia regiments served at the Siege of Charleston but New Jersey or New York regiments did not, which shifts focus to Virginia as possibly providing evidence as to which John Golden was KIA on May 26th, 1780. Unfortunately there is no Virginia record of John Golden’s service other than his enlistment. South Carolina records do not show any John Golden as having belonged to their units.

  • Capt. John Robert’s Company, Virginia appears to have held regimental status and is not listed as a company of any Virginia regiment. NARA records show its unit members as belonging to Capt. John Robert’s Company // John Golden held rank of Sergeant. What the NARA records do not show is any of his service except for his enlistment on July 1, 1779.
    Golden - John - 1779 - Rev War service card 1-2
    Golden - John - 1779 - Rev War service card 2-2
  • 2nd New Jersey Regiment // John Golden (Johnathan Golden) held rank of Private. Nothing else is known other than his records are also listed under the name of John Golder — Golden and Golder have a long history as being used interchangeably among some families in New Jersey and New York that have Dutch ancestral roots from when these areas were a Dutch colony.
    Golden - John - NJ - Rev War service record - see John Golder
    Golden Golder - John - NJ - Rev War service record
  • Captain Golden’s Company, New York Militia // John Golden held rank of Corporal and served just 22 days during 1776.
    Golden - John - 1776 NY - Rev War service record 1-2Golden - John - 1776 NY - Rev War service record 2-2

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