Anthony Golding of Laurens District, South Carolina – his Last Will, dated 1800

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Anthony Golding of Laurens District, South Carolina wrote his last will in 1800, and he passed away a year later on December 27th, 1801 at Milton, Laurens County, South Carolina.

Within his will he names his wife as Isabel; sons as Anthony Foster, James (from first marriage to Mary McGill), John Reid, and Thomas; daughters as Elizabeth, Pamela Nancy, and Rachel. He also names various slaves which he passes on by name to family members.

Anthony was married to Isabella Reid. A number of family histories include two other sons: Franklin, b.1782 and David b.1791, d.1800. Per David’s death date it can be assumed that he died early in 1800 before Anthony’s will was written. David is reported to be a twin of Anthony Foster. It can also be assumed that Franklin died prior to 1800, as he is not named in the will, or his listing as a son is a mistake; none of the family histories listing Franklin as a son provide a year of death.

Anthony was the son of William Golding (1704-1782) and Elizabeth Foster (1704-1775), originally of Virginia. The family moved to the Old 96th District (Pendleton area) in the early 1770s.

Below is a transcript of his 1800 will as it is filed in the South Carolina state archives.

Golding - Anthony - 1800 Will - Page 1


Golding - Anthony - 1800 Will - Page 2

Golding - Anthony - 1800 Will - Page 3

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