Three Generations of Samuel Goldens, Woodward and Fort Supply, Oklahoma

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Updated 2014.11.22

Three generations of Samuel Goldens have lived and raised families in the Woodward, Oklahoma area.

Samuel Henry Golden was born 28 Jul 1849 in Ohio and died 21 Dec 1918 in Britton, Oklahoma. This family moved to Oklahoma from Indiana at some time between 1885-1888.

Samuel was married to Mary Ann Elick, born Jan 1861 in Wells County, Indiana; Mary Ann died at some time after 1930 probably in the Britton, Oklahoma area where her Golden family resided in the 1930 census. She was 69 at the time of the census.

There were five children in the family:

  • Mary C Golden, 1883 – 1900
  •  Ada Luetta Golden, 1885 – 1947
  •  Samuel Edward (Lee) Golden, 1889 – 1967 >>> first Golden of this line to be born in Oklahoma
  •  Lawrence Arland Golden, 1895 – 1942
  •  Charles A Golden, 1903 – 1990


Samuel Henry Golden’s parents were probably Stephen Golden, born about 1804 in Pennsylvania per 1860 census, and Mary J. Golden, born about 1820 in Ohio, and loving at Wells, Indiana in January 1860.

1860 Census – There were four children in the 1860 census: Samuel (b.c1848 OH); Thomas (b.c1858 IN); and George (b.c1860 IN).

The Stephen Golden family was also documented in the 1850 census living at Copley, Summit, Ohio. Stephen appears to have a different wife: ‘Jane’. While ‘Mary Jane’ is a common combination (and ‘Mary J’ probably is ‘Mary Jane’) other data on the two censuses was different. Jane was born about 1804 in Pennsylvania(1850 census) and Mary was born about 1820 in Ohio (also the place of current residence in 1860 census).

1850 Census – Father Stephen and son Samuel’s place and year of birth are consistent with the 1860 census for the Stephen Golden family. However, Stephen probably took a new wife between 1846-1848. Her name was Jane.

For the children listed in the 1850 census, all but Samuel were probably the natural children of Stephen’s first wife Mary (b.c1804).

Children listed in the census: William (b.c1827 OH); Stephen (b.c1831 OH); Huey (b.c1839 OH); Aaron (b.c1842 OH); Abigail (b.c1836 OH); Cynthia (b.c1845 OH) and Samuel (b.c1848 OH).

Samuel was probably the first child to be born to Stephen’s second wife Jane. The birth ages in the two groups of children are consistent with a blended family.

Stephen may have late had a third wife — her name was Elizabeth or ‘Betsy’, born in Pennsylvania about 1796.


Samuel Edward Golden, Sr., 6 Nov 1889 Sedgewick, Kansas, d.12 Aug 1967 Mt. Olive Cemetery, Fort Supply, Woodward, Ellis County, Oklahoma.

Son of Samuel Henry Golden, Sr. (1849-1918).

In June 1917 Samuel Edward Golden registered with the Draft Board at Britton, Oklahoma. Per his military draft card, Samuel Edward Golden was age 27 and was medium of height, medium in body build with light gray eyes and light brown hair. His address at the time was Edmond, Oklahoma, and he lists his birthplace as Wichita, Kansas (Sedgewick is just northwest and on the edge of Wichita). Occupation: he was a farmer and mechanic that was self-employed. Status: single.

Samuel Edward Golden - 1917 WWI Draft Card
Samuel Edward Golden – 1917 WWI Draft Card

Although Samuel the junior was born in 1922, Samuel the senior’s marriage to Ida Mae Thomas, born 25 Sep 1906 in Manchester, Grant, Oklahoma, is recorded as 24 Feb 1926.

1930 Census – The Samuel Golden, Sr., family first appears in the 1930 census living in Woodward. Samuel is listed in the 1930 census as being born about 1891. Samuel the junior is named Samuel Lee and is shown to be born about 1927 (changes to 1922 in 1940 census). There is another son named Loyd N. Golden born in late 1929 or in 1930 shortly before the census; per the 1940 census Loyd disappears and William L appears; residential records through 1987 shows the correct full name to be ‘William Loyd Golden’.

The family’s address in 1929/1930 was 305 Sheridan Ave, Woodward, OK (73801).

1930 Census - Samuel Golden family - Woodward, Oklahoma
1930 Census – Samuel Golden family – Woodward, Oklahoma

The 1930 census shows the place of parent’s birth. Samuel the senior’s father was born in Kansas and his mother in Oklahoma. The same for Ida Mae, Samuel’s wife.

1940 Census – The Golden family was living in the Township of Morgan, or Morgan Township, during the 1940 census.

1940 Census - Morgan Township, Ellis County, OK
1940 Census – Morgan Township, Ellis County, OK

In addition to Samuel L(ee) Jr., the 1940 census shows that there were three children in the family:

  • Samuel Lee Golden, born c1922
  • William Loyd “Loyd” Golden, born 1929
  • Tomas D. Golden, born c1931

All of these Golden children were born in Oklahoma.

As for Morgan Township, it appears to have disappeared completely since the 1940 census was taken. Google Maps does not even show buildings where the town once was, only sporadic farms … very sporadic.


Samuel Lee Golden, Jr., born circa 1922, married Elona Williams, daughter of a very well documented Swedish immigrant family. Samuel “Sam” and Elona do not appear in the 1940 census but were undoubtedly living in the area around Fort Supply and Woodward.

Son of Samuel Edward Golden, Sr. (1889-1967).

 Sam and Elona Golden - Fort Supply - Oklahoma



So where did this Golden family come from? Probably only a YDNA test on a living Golden male from this family will tell us.

The backward trail for this Golden family easily connects timewise at this point of American history (1849) with several Golden families in the Virginia and Pennsylvania areas that were migrating westward. Certainly the oldest Samuel Golden in this line, born 1849, was from a migratory family that settled in Oklahoma via travels and temporary lives in Ohio and Indiana.

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