Which ship did your Goldens come over on?

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Which ship did your Goldens come over on?

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It was just in 1820 that shipmasters were required to file a manifest naming their passengers arriving in the USA; where they came from, and via which ports they traveled.

Our modern system of travel and immigration visas has only existed since 1922. Before 1922 if you had no apparent communicable disease or were not a known criminal then: Welcome to America!

Quite a few ship manifests do exist for the years prior to 1820, especially for those passengers coming from outside the British Empire. However, those existing ship manifests account for just a small fraction of immigrants arriving before 1820.

For example, the estimate is that some 200 ships brought immigrants to Boston, Massachusetts during the period of 1630-1640. We have manifests for 34 ships between 1620-1820.

It is a bit of work to sift through it all, but many existing ship manifests (lists of passengers) are available online.

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