Who are parents of Mary Golden, born 1760 South Carolina?

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Genealogies list no parents for Mary Golden, 1760 SC – 1852 GA.

BIRTH 28 DEC 1760 • South Carolina, USA

DEATH 1852 • Harris County, Georgia

?? How do we know her birthday was 28 Dec 1760?

Mary Golden would marry Hugh Armstrong, 1765-1825 


One set of possible parents proposed on Ancestry is:

Henry Golden, 1740–1784
Sarah Newsom, 1744–1784

This is unlikely for several reasons. Henry and Sarah Newsom Golden did not start their family until about 1772-1774. In 1773 when he applied for land on the first branch below Indian Oconey path on Lamar’s creek, he is listed as having a wife and two daughters, ages from 3 to 2 years old. 100 acres on // Early Records of Georgia, Vol I, Wilkes County // http://www.giddeon.com/wilkes/books/early-records-of-ga-vol1/003-029.shtml



An alternative parent would be Thomas Golden (Goulden) who settled at Newberry, South Carolina in 1760/61, and was approved for a land grant in December 1762.

When the land grant was made in 1763, Thomas is described as having three others in his family besides him. This should be a wife + two children. Mary Golden could be one of those two children.


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