William Goulden marries Dorinda Goulden at Reno, Nevada, 1909 / Second Cousins from New Jersey

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Second cousins William Goulden and Dorinda Goulden from Montclair, New Jersey marry. They rendezvoused in Reno, Nevada just to marry and then went off to William Goulden’s home in California where he had become successful.

— Nevada State Journal (Reno, Nevada), Jan 22, 1909, page 8

Reno, Nevada, 1909

It is unclear how this marriage turned out.

I see no records of this marriage or offspring appearing after the news article above.

By 1931 there is a Dorinda P. Goulden appearing in the Montclair, New Jersey Street and Phone directory. She appears again in ’35, ’37 and ’39 (maybe the directory was only published in odd years).

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