Sick Goldens in Company D of the Cavalry at San Antonio, Texas, 1846

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The year is 1846 and the cavalry troops stationed at San Antonio, Texas come down sick.

Among the sick from Company “D” are three Goldens: Isaac, Richard and William.

Three sick Goldens in San Antonio, Texas

The document listing their illness does not record the regiment that they are assigned to and gives no other information than their names and company unit designator.

‘Golden’ is not a rare name but it would be very uncommon for there to be three Goldens in the same military company (about 60-80 troops) at the same time.

Until World War I almost all military companies and regiments were formed of locally organized troops so these Golden are probably related and/or come from the same area.


Perhaps related or not:

There is a Richard G. Golden listed as among the first Texans recognized for fighting for Texas independence. This Richard was born about 1791 in Lincoln County, Georgia and married to Mary “Polly” Higgins. Richard passed away at Panola, Texas on December 25th, 1872. Possibly related to him is also a listing for Sarah “Sally” Golden, also born in Georgia c1795. Sarah married to Henry Wethers Sudduth. Sarah died about 1855 in Texas.

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