William Pinckley and Felix Grundy Golden – Alabama Brothers with long beards

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William Pinckley (1846-1913) and Felix Grundy (1841-1920) were both born in Calhoun County, Alabama to  Reuben Abraham Golden (1814 – 1870) and Nancy Griffin (1822 – 1905).

Their siblings included David, Margaret A., Melody, Sarah, Frances Jane, Nancy E., Samuel Preston and Franklin Wilburn Golden.

William and Felix Golden
William Pinkney (L) and brother Felix Grundy (R) Golden. Photo from KarenShurtz Ancestry collection.

Each married and had families. William Pinckley Golden married Sarah Elizabeth “Lizzie” York (1845 – 1934) and Felix Grundy Golden married Amanda Griffin (1848 – 1905).

Felix Golden served in the Army of the Confederate States of America (CSA). He probably served with the 10th Regiment, Alabama Infantry. One muster role however would show that Felix to have been born about 1848 rather than 1841. Felix would later move his family to Bosque, Texas where a number of his children were born.

Felix and his wife Amanda.
Felix and his wife Amanda. Photo by snorwood309 (Ancestry).

This line of Goldens appear to be descended from William Golding (1704-1782) and Elizabeth Foster (1704-1775) by way of William’s oldest son, William (1730-1811) and his son Reuben (1774-aft 1814).

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