Richard Burton “Dick” Golden and Mary Martin of Fannin County, Georgia

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Richard Burton “Dick” Golden and Mary Ann Martin were married on October 24th, 1875 probably in Georgia. Their marriage information was recorded on the 1900 Census.

Richard Burton Golden was the son of Nathaniel Greene “Samuel” Golden (1812 – 1880) and Arzela Moore (1825 – 1886). He was born  on 26 May 1853 in South Carolina, probably in the Anderson/Oconee/Pickens area, and passed away on 22 January 1910.

Mary Ann Martin was born June 1st, 1853 in Tennessee  and left us on January 10th, 1929 in Fannin County, Georgia. She was the daughter of Matilda Martin. It is unknown if Martin was her mother’s maiden name or married name. Mary’s father’s name is not known.

Golden - Richard Burton Dicky Golden & Mary Martin - 1853 SC to 1910
Richard Burton “B.D.” “Dicky” Golden and Mary Martin
Photo courtesy of Carole Alessi.

Together they had 10 children:

  • Margaret Emma Golden (1876 – 1945)
  • Sarah Dora Golden (1878 – 1966)
  • Martha A. Golden (1880 –??)
  • Siddie A Golden (1883 – ??)
  • Green Lafayette Golden (1885 – 1977)
  • Elizabeth L “Lizzie” Golden (1887 – ??)
  • Mary Isabell “Ida” Golden (1889 – 1925)
  • Joseph Lahuey “Hughey” Golden (1891 – 1973)
  • Henry Golden (1892 – ??)
  • Brightie Della Golden (1894 – 1947)

Henry Golden is not listed as a son in the genealogic records maintained by Carole Alessi, a Golden family researcher. Will need to find confirmatory information.

Richard Burton Golden gravestone
Richard Burton Golden
Mary Ann Martin Golden
Mary Ann Martin Golden
Photos are courtesy of Carole Alessi, a Golden descendent and family historian.

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