Richard Golden of County Tyrone, born c1746, what YDNA says

Richard Golden of County Tyrone, born c1746, YDNA says Updated 2021.06.13 — NEWSFLASH!! BIG Y testing shows that the lines of Richard Golden, born c1746, and Mark Golden, born c1762, share a common father or grandfather. No name is known yet, so we will call him by his Terminal SNP name: Grandfather G-FTA59516 Golden … … Read more

1692 Virginia – Richard Golden (Goldon) Imported – Essex County

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook 1692 – Richard Golden (Goldon) — Essex County, Virginia — William Clapham receives a certificate for 1900 acres of land and imports Richard Goldon (Golden) along with 37 other persons. Others imported: Vallintine Mayo (Valentine, Valentin), Abgall Basett (Bassett), Tho King (Thomas), Susana Gobett (Susanna, Susannah), … Read more

Rev War / Loyalists in the Southern Campaign 1780-1782

Per Wikipedia: The British “southern strategy” commenced in late 1778 with the capture of Savannah, Georgia, which was followed in 1780 by operations in South Carolina that included the defeat of two Continental Armies at Charleston and Camden. General Nathanael Greene, who took over as Continental Army commander after Camden, engaged in a strategy of … Read more

Richard Golden (of County Tyrone) Descendants – a Family Reunion Letter from Carol Golden

Greetings Family, As I reflect over all the new faces met at this year’s Golden reunion and those I have met on facebook on my personal page and on the Stephen Golden Facebook page  and The Golden Family Facebook page genealogy pages I’m so very grateful for our family. I heard a man on the radio … Read more

Richard Burton “Dick” Golden and Mary Martin of Fannin County, Georgia

Golding/Golden/Goulding Family History on Facebook Richard Burton “Dick” Golden and Mary Ann Martin were married on October 24th, 1875 probably in Georgia. Their marriage information was recorded on the 1900 Census. Richard Burton Golden was the son of Nathaniel Greene “Samuel” Golden (1812 – 1880) and Arzela Moore (1825 – 1886). He was born  on … Read more

Golden Family Reunion – Apr 26-28 Williamsburg, Kentucky

Golding/Golden on Facebook / My Family History Notes Golden Family Reunion – Apr 26-28 Williamsburg, KY One of the largest Golden family lines in the U.S. started when Richard Golden arrived from Ireland at some time just before the Revolutionary War. There was another Richard, Richard Golding (1744-1788), that lived in the very same region … Read more