William Golding Land Grant 250 Acres, 1771, South Carolina

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This land grant was to William Golding, c1704-1782, married to Elizabeth Foster, c1704-1775.

Note: At least four William Golding male descendants have been YDNA-tested: haplotype R1b R-M269.

Prior to South Carolina, the William Golding family lived in Orange, Orange County, Virginia. Most of William’s children moved to South Carolina with exception of his oldest son William Golding — whose line would reestablish itself in the Surry County, North Carolina area.

1771 Aug 15William Golden, Plat for 250 acres in Berkley County, which no longer exists.

This plat is listed online in the South Carolina Archives; but the plat and grant itself is not online. To get a copy of this land grant see/request Series: S213184 Volume: 0016 Page: 00166.

Mentioned within the document: John Bremar (Surveyor General), James Gaugin (owner of the land bounding to the east), William Golden, John Monk (owner of land bounding on the south of the plat) and Joseph Wright (Surveyor) … Little River aka Sandy Run Creek.

1772 Apr 3William Goulden gets land grant for 250 acres in Berkley County.  This is just an administrative update to the 1771 land grant of 250 acres. Dated 3 April 1772, the final ‘memorial’ on the Little River is dated 15 June 1772. Available from South Carolina Archives.

William Golden Land Grant 1771 1772

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