1822 Nathaniel Golding (Golden) et al ask release as Keowee Road Commissioners

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Nathaniel Greene “Green” Goulden (Golding/Golden) was born approximately 1783 to William and Nellie Goulden of Edgefield, South Carolina).

When Nathaniel passed is unknown, but it would be after 1821. The document below may actually offer a hint as to his health — by absence of his signature.

There were five Pendleton District residents from the Keowee area appointed by the state legislature in December 1821 as Road Commissioners: Green Golding, B. Earle, William Swords, Joseph O. Watkins and Andrew Warnock.

Believing that they had completed their mission … ‘improve the Old Keowee Road’ … they asked to be released from their duties. They also provided an assessment as to what did not get done, why it needed to still be done, and how much it would cost.

The following letter is available from the South Carolina Archives.

1821 South Carolina Road Commissioner Nathaniel Golden Goulden Golding
Source: South Carolina Archives

To the Honorable the President and members of the Senate and of the House of Representatives. May it please your honorable body that at the December Session for the Year of our Lord Eighteen hundred and twenty one You were please to appoint by an Act entitled “An Act to establish certain Roads, Bridges and Ferries” John B. Earle, Andrew Warnock, William Swords, Joseph Watkins and Green Golding of Pendleton District Commissioners with full power to open and cause to be opned and put in repair that part of the old Kiowee road which lies between Orrsville and the ridge which divides the waters of Twenty Three Mile Creek from Eighteen Mile Creek. In conformity with this Commission We your petitioners have to the extent of their power and ability performed the said duty and do now pray that the Commissioners of Roads attached to the 11th and 19th Regiments may be authorized to (repair) the said Road, and that your petitioners may be released from all for their responsibility respecting the said old Keowee Road.

Nathaniel Golden Golding - 1821 Road Commissioner
Source: South Carolina Archives

Wisdom you were pleased to direct the said old Keowee Road to be opened and put in repair, that you will in order to make the said Road passable and of public utility. Grant this these petitioners and the as in duty bound will ever pray.

Commissioners under the Act

Signed // B Earle, William Swords, Joseph O Watkins, and Andrew Warnock //

? Where is Green Golding’s signature? Green Golding, born Nathaniel Greene Goulden, was he ill? Certainly it is not a matter of literacy as it was common to use an ‘X’ in place of a signature. Could there have been a disagreement with 4 of 5 commissioners wanted to end their duties, and Green Golding disagreed?

It appears that the Senate rejected their letter requesting release of their duties.

Nathaniel Golden Golding - 1821 Road Commissioner
Source: South Carolina Archives

This petition of the commissioners appointed to reopen the old (Keowee but appears to be another word like Eoeiors) road praying to be discharged from any further responsibility in relation to the road.

The letter is marked ‘Roads Postponed … rejected’ and a reference is made to some legislative act or regulation (see the image for specifics).

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