1822 Nathaniel Golding (Golden) et al ask release as Keowee Road Commissioners

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Nathaniel Greene “Green” Goulden (Golding/Golden) was born approximately 1783 to William and Nellie Goulden of Edgefield, South Carolina). When Nathaniel passed is unknown, but it would be after 1821. The document below may actually offer a hint as to his health — by absence … Read more

Golden/Goulden and Morgan Family atDNA connections

Have found two atDNA connections with the Morgan family via Ancestry member Jukqueen. >>> The oldest documented grandparent in our family line is the marriage of Nathaniel Greene Goulden to Rachel Isabella Morgan about 1810 in South Carolina. The Morgan family is well documented for a number of generations back to about 1600. Now have … Read more