atDNA Test Results – William David Golden, 1956-2013+

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My DNA Profile – William David Golden, 1956-2013+ atDNA Test

My first DNA test was an autosomal or atDNA test. This lets you sample the DNA of both males and females that may be related to you, whether grandparents, cousins or distant relatives.

For this test I used’s standard DNA test. protects you from all the technical aspects of your DNA data by providing a genealogist point-and-click interface focused on connecting you with names and families. The genetic technical data is running the show however — it is also there for you to export and to use on websites such as

A nice feature of the DNA analysis is this map that lets you interactively see which members of your family were born where. When you click on one of the icons it then presents an overview of that relation. Clicking a birthplace icon takes you to their data record. Unfortunately it does not tie DNA data directly to the record so you must go back and forth making manual comparisons.

Birth locations within my DNA tree daily updates you if there are new DNA match and it presents you with a list of people for whom you have DNA matches.

DNA matches based upon atDNA

These individuals probably share one or more grandparents with you from within the last two to eight generations.

Select the REVIEW MATCH button so that you can view their genealogy.

IMPORTANT NOTE: just because you have a DNA match does not mean that you will find your family members in the other person’s genealogy. You may not even have recorded the match in your own genealogy.

DNA is agnostic about genealogies. It will find matches even where you have no data for a relative as existing.

DNA looks across time and points you in a direction. It is like a map without names. It will find matches where there should be people listed in your genealogy but you haven’t yet found or included those individuals.

Below is an example of what happened when I reviewed the match. Those family names that exist in both of our genealogies are highlighted. The name Norfleet in this case immediately gets my attention because that is my mother’s family name. I can then compare our two family histories side-by-side and look  for connections.

DNA matches drill down

In the DNA connection below I was able to push the limits and go back nine generations for a DNA match where our most recent common ancestor (MRCA) was Thomas Garnett, 1676-1743 — the Garnetts are among those neighbors that have traveled the world with Goldings from England and throughout the mid-Atlantic region in the USA for almost 400 years. Another such family is the Fosters, aka Forster.

Garnett - Thomas - 1676 to 1743 - great grandfather


I am still learning much about DNA so if I got something wrong or misanalyzed something please drop me a line: