Book — Annals of Newberry, South Carolina, 1858/1892 — LOTS of Goldings

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Book - Annals of Newberry - 1892John Belton O’Neall began collecting information about the early settlement and the history of Newberry, South Carolina in 1850.

He finally published his book ‘The Annals of Newberry — Historical, Biographical and Anecdotal‘ in 1858.

A second book was published in 1895 by John Abney Chapman, picking up essentially from where O’Neall was in 1858, just before the Civil War and carrying the history of Newberry forward to about 1890. Chapman seems to have been a student or close junior associate of O’Neall.

Chapman would later write ‘History of Edgefield County: From the Earliest Settlements to 1897‘, also available from Google Books for free download.

>>> None of my Goldens made it into this book, but there are a lot of Goldings from the line of William Golden (1704-1782) and Elizabeth Foster (1704-1775).

This book, available for free download via Google Books, is an absolute jewel on many levels.

MANY of the earliest settlers and different settlements with family names are given in the book. O’Neall seemed to relish collecting everyday tales of life in Newberry and he did a splendid job.

One jewel that I appreciated is his look at the Germans that settled in the area. From the 1760s-1800 the Germans kept their culture and their language, with their children being taught in German as well. German language usage was so prevalent that many of the inhabitants never bothered to learn English. O’Neall talks about coaxing some of the German women into using what little English they knew when interaction was needed. He does not explain why the women and not the men were approached for this.

Mentioned within the book:

  • John Goulding was one of 26 founding members of the Mount Zion Baptist Church, Newberry, in 1832.
  • John R. Golding listed as a graduate of the Mount Bethel Academy — a Methodist school, somewhat like a high school and a prep and/or finishing school for young me. No specific year is given but it is assumed to be after the Revolution and before 1810.
  • Dr. Anthony Foster Golding — some background on his wife Caroline Matilda, 1805.
  • Golding Tinsley — his migration and war service — 1754 to 1775. Golding Tinsley is a very important Golding cousin. He and Reuben Golding were almost inseparable for decades. Pages 213-229; perhaps more coverage in this 600+ page book than any other person.
  • James W. Golding, John F. Golding, Washington Golding (died due to disease, 1862) — Civil War service and battle record for Company “B”, Third Regiment, South Carolina.
  • W.F. Golding and W.S. Golding — Company “H” 13th Regiment, South Carolina, Civil War service.
  • B.S. Golding, 1879, lawyer.

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