Thomas Goulden of Bush River, Newberry, SC (c1720-aft 1790)

THOMAS GOULDEN, c1720-bef 1800   I believe that the father of our grandfather William Goulden is Thomas Goulden.   This is based upon circumstantial evidence. I have also collected DNA information on numerous other Golden, Golding etc families living in the area — which eliminates many of these families from consideration as being paternally related. … Read more

Book — Annals of Newberry, South Carolina, 1858/1892 — LOTS of Goldings

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook John Belton O’Neall began collecting information about the early settlement and the history of Newberry, South Carolina in 1850. He finally published his book ‘The Annals of Newberry — Historical, Biographical and Anecdotal‘ in 1858. A second book was published in 1895 by John … Read more

Reuben Golding – 1832 Will – Newberry District, South Carolina

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Reuben Golding died without having married or having any children. Reuben was the son of Robert Golding, Sr (1740 VA – 1835 SC) and Sarah Estes (1740 VA – 1800 SC). Within his Will, he leaves  bequests to three (of his five living) siblings: Elisha, Thomas, and … Read more

Robert Golding, Jr – Last Will – 1826 – Newberry District – South Carolina

Below is the last will and wishes of Robert Golding, Jr., probable son of Robert Golding, Sr. (1740-1835) and Sarah Estes (1740-1800), and grandson of  William Golding (1704-1782) and Elizabeth Foster (1704-1775). Within the Will only one person is named; the executor is to be Reuben Golding, Jr. The Will was proved on February 14th, 1825 and … Read more

Goldings of Virginia before they became Goldens of South Carolina

Golding/Golden on Facebook The Golding and Foster families had numerous intermarriages while living in Virginia. The Golding and Tinsley families were also close, with one Revolutionary war member of the Tinsley family even being named Golding Tinsley. All three families migrated together en mass from Virginia to South Carolina just prior to or during the … Read more