John Golden, alias Golding, hung for piracy – a court case that reverberates today re ‘Stateless Combatants’

The trial of Golden/Golding and others is documented within A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason, Volume 12. The particular trial is “Trial of Thomas Jones and others as pirates, though acting under King James II. commission, 5 William and Mary, A. D. 1693”.

Golding and De Vere Family Line, England

Golding and De Vere Family Line, England Information on John Golding and his family comes primarily from the introduction by Malcolm W. Wallace, Ph.D. to the 1906 edition of the 1577 book, Tragedie of Abraham’s Sacrifice, translated from the French by Arthur Golding. In that introduction, Wallace states: John Golding‘s first wife, Elizabeth, widow of … Read more

Gulden’s Mustard — Actually made by Guldens from New York

Gulden’s Mustard — Actually made by Guldens from New York Charles Gulden was the creator Gulden’s Spicy Mustard and many other sauce condiments in the mid-1800s. PARENTS: Jacob Adam Gulden (1811-1898), and Albertina Geissen (1813-1854), both from Schwetzingen, Germany, just outside of Heidelberg. Immigrated to Pennsylvania USA before 1835. Became naturalized citizen in New York … Read more

Swiss Origin Guldins, Guldens, Goldens and Goldendale, Polk County, Oregon

Swiss Origin Guldins, Guldens, Goldens and Goldendale, Polk County, Oregon Goldendale’s Goldendale Sentinel recently published some news items from the local past. “Sunday, May 17, 1959 was the 100th anniversary of the marriage of John Golden and Jane Parrott, and the occasion was remembered by a flower arrangement at the Methodist church in their memory. The … Read more

Teresa Diane (Teri) Golden, 1944-2020

Teresa Diane (Teri) Golden, 1944-2020 CALIFORNIA – South Lake Tahoe — Teresa Diane (Teri) Golden passed away on December 29th, 2020. Her memorial service was June 19, 2021. Teri’s Goldens were once Goldings with close association with the Mount Airy, Surry, North Carolina and Orange, Orange County, Virginia Goldings. Her line can be tracked back … Read more

Help Identify William Moody Golden / Golding’s Ancestors, South Carolina

Are you kin to William Moody Golden / Golding of Newberry, South Carolina? Born about 1795, probably in South Carolina, living in the Newberry area in 1813 when he married Elizabeth Lagrone born at Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina about 1799. He died 1831 in Bibb County, Alabama. Their first children were born 1813 in South Carolina.

William and Nellie Golden of Edgefield, South Carolina

Note: Extensive revamping of this page is necessary. YDNA testing from mid-2017 has allowed the confirmation of some prior theories (to include disproval) as to which Goldens in the region belonged to which families. We have also now been able to confirm within about five miles as to where William and Nellie Goulden lived. Documentary … Read more

Clara Anne Norfleet (1933-1997) graduates1951 – Weeksville, NC

Clara Anne Norfleet Born April 10, 1933 – Hickory, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Virginia or Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Died April 12, 1997 – Woodbridge, Prince William County, Virginia Mother: Jacqueline Virginia Norfleet, 1912–1973 … formally adopted by grandparents Alvah Edison Norfleet Sr, 1888–1959, and Nannie Leigh Hines, 1889–1963, as a baby. Grandparents are listed as parents on birth certificate. Relationship: my mom and … Read more