Mexican-American War Service

The following served their country during the Mexican-American War: Golden, Archibald (aka Goulding) (Pvt) – Co D, 2nd Indiana Infantry Golden, Dominick (Pvt) – Co G, 1st Massachusetts Volunteers Golden, Edward (Pvt) – Co E, 7th New York Volunteeers Golden, Elisha (Pvt) – Co C, Eason’s Battalion, Missouri Infantry Golden (aka Goldin), George W. (Pvt) … Read more

War of 1812 – Goldens that served

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Updated 2016.11.21 Aron S. Golden 3rd Regiment (Frelinghuysen’s) New Jersey Militia. Alexander Golden 43rd Regiment (Hamilton’s) Maryland Militia. Alexander Goulden — Private,┬áVirginia Militia (1611202208) Andrew Golden 4th Regiment Virginia Militia. Barnett Goulding — Private,┬áVirginia Militia (1611202208) Benjamin Golden 45th Regiment (Knickerbacker’s), New York Militia … Read more