Did William Golden/Goulden of Edgefield, South Carolina have a brother named Thomas?

Edgefield, South Carolina, 1800

Thomas Goulden, brother of Wiliam, husband of Nellie?

Thomas Goulden appears in the 1800 Edgefield census with a young male (age 1-10) and two teens/young adults (ages 16-25, a male and a female) living with him. No slaves.

>>> From other census records, we know that a Thomas Golden lived in Edgefield through 1830, and there was a Thomas Jr by 1830. In the 1810 census Nellie Golden is listed (husband William died in 1808 or 1809) and there is a Thomas Golden living nearby.

One of these young adults in the 1800 census could be his wife, but she would be too young to have a 16+ son, so I surmise that one or both are Thomas’ children.

To have children age 16-25, Thomas would have been born by 1769 at the latest, but it is most likely he was born in the 1750s — if either of the young adults living within him in 1800 were closer to 25 than to 16.

Could Thomas be a brother of William Golden, husband to Nellie?

A Thomas Golden had lived in the area since at least 1763.

1763 – Thomas Golden receives land grant for 200 acres in Newberry, SC.  Survey Cert. January 31, 1763.

Newberry County, South Carolina