WANTED – YDNA Test for Thomas Goulden of Cheshire, England and Edgefield, South Carolina

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Am seeking male Gouldens (Goldens) related to the following to take a YDNA test, or to share your YDNA test results if you have already taken such a test: Thomas Goulden (1686–1749) and Alice Shaw (1688–1781) Supposed parents of: Thomas Goulden Jr, married to Ellen … Read more

Did William Golden/Goulden of Edgefield, South Carolina have a brother named Thomas?

Edgefield, South Carolina, 1800 Thomas Goulden, brother of Wiliam, husband of Nellie? Thomas Goulden appears in the 1800 Edgefield census with a young male (age 1-10) and two teens/young adults (ages 16-25, a male and a female) living with him. No slaves. >>> From other census records, we know that a Thomas Golden lived in … Read more

Thomas Golden – 24th New York Cavalry – KIA June 26th, 1864

Golding/Golden/Goulding Family History on Facebook Thomas Golden Corporal, 24th New York Cavalry, Death: June 26, 1864 Original Burial Place: Fort Hell, Petersburg, Virginia. Gravestone Number: 1671 Thomas Golden died during the siege of Petersburg, Virginia. Although he belonged to a cavalry unit, the unit was not assigned horses until October 1864. The unit fought as … Read more