DNA Says: Parents of Hiram Golden (c1829-1880) are … Change Needed

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MysteryDNA testing indicates that changes are needed in family histories of Hiram F Golden (c1829-1880), father of William Anderson Golden (1840/48-1908).


Per numerous family histories (14 on Ancestry), Hiram’s parents were Richard Ali Golden, 1800–1850, and Susannah Owens, 1804–1849. YDNA testing says these genealogies are incorrect.

Richard Ali Golden has a fairly well documented line going back to great-grandparents William Golding, c1704-1782, and Elizabeth Foster, c1704-1775, with this male line being ‘R1b’.

>>> Richard Ali moved his family to Mississippi, with individual family names listed in the 1850 census. Hiram would have been approximately age 10. There is no Hiram in the Richard Ali Golden family.

>> The William Golding descendant line has at least four YDNA tests on record. All are ‘R1b’.

YDNA testing shows that the Hiram Golden’s line is Y-haplotype E-L117 (E-M35). This is a completely different branch than William Golding’s R1b Y-haplotype, which would be Richard Ali Golden’s line as well.

So DNA says that Hiram Golden’s parents were not Richard Ali Golden and Susannah Owens.


Recent YDNA testing (2018) shows that Fendol Sylvester Golden (E-M35 is a 37 marker match with two descendants of Hiram F Golden that took the same YDNA test.

Fendol Golden’s parents were John C Golden, 1800– bef 1850, and Priscilla Robinson, 1808–aft 1840.

Among John and Priscilla Golden’s children is ‘Hiram Ferdinand Golden‘ with the same years of birth and death as ‘Hiram F Golden’.

With the new 37 marker YDNA match and the 1850 census, Hiram F Golden’s parents: John C Golden and Priscilla Robinson, who were William Anderson Golden’s grandparents.

George Jasper Golden

George Jasper Golden, 1833-1880, also has a number of genealogies that indicate different sets of parents.

Parents / Set 1
William C. Golden Jr., 1809–1870 (William Golding/Elizabeth Foster descendant)
Johanna Gregg or Craig, 1816–1870
— These parents are not possible per YDNA. The Golding line is ‘R1b’ and GJG is ‘E3b/E-M35’.

Parents / Set 2
John C Golden, 1800–bef 1850
Priscilla Robinson, 1808–aft 1840

Documentary evidence indicates that he is the brother of Fendol Sylvester Golden — so his parents would be John C Golden and Priscilla Robinson.

No known male Golden descendants of George Jasper Golden have taken a YDNA test. However, we can easily use Ancestry or 23andMe DNA to determine his YDNA group. If ‘E-L117’ or ‘E-M35’ or ‘E1b1b1 (formerly E3b)’ then the answer as to parentage is the same as Fendol Golden.


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