Green Golden – Private, Watts Company, Alabama Militia

A Green Golden may have served as a Private in the Alabama Militia for service in “Watt’s Company” in the Florida Indian War(s).

You now know everything I know, or that military records specialist website Fold3 knows about either Green Golden or Watts’ Company, Alabama Militia.

There is no record of a “Watts’ Company” … and no clue what year this record refers to … there were three Florida Indian Wars: 1816-19, 1835-42, and 1855-58. Proximity of the war to Alabama makes 1816 or 1835 somewhat more likely .. but without being able to identify existence of when Watts Company existed then it is all just a guess.


Alabama offers many of its military records online by the period of conflict that Alabama participated in. There is no section for ‘Florida Indian Wars‘ …

>>> There is however reference in the Alabama military archives to ‘Seminole War, 1812-1820‘ … aka ‘General Andrew Jackson in Florida and Alabama’ … the official part of this war was 1816-1819 and called ‘The First Seminole War‘.


Got Info? Bill Golden,