Dublin, Ireland – Goldens and Kin in The Abbey Theatre

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kate Golden for several years now. We became FB friends several years back.

Three members of her family have had lives that intertwined with the many theatre productions of The Abbey Theatre in Dublin, Ireland during the mid-1950s through the late 1960s.

Names and faces of this Golden family and relationship to Kate: Maire Ni Dhomhnaill (Grandmother), Geoffrey Golden (Grandfather) and Edward Golden (Great Uncle, and brother of Geoffrey Golden).

Edward and Geoffery were cousins to actor to Edward Muhare, whose career was based in Hollywood. Edward Mulhare is best known for his role in the Ghost and Mrs Muir; he also starred alongside Sinatra in Von Ryan’s Express. Maire Ni Dhomhnaill was offered a Hollywood contract . She turned it down due to becoming pregnant with her first child Maireog.

We know of no American descendants from this family … but we are always looking. Perhaps one day I can convince an Irish male Golden of this family to take a YDNA test.

Maire Ni Dhomhnaill

Maire Ni Dhomhnaill

Geoffery Golden

Geoffrey Golden

Edward Golden

Edward Golden

Recollections of their lives and other cast members of their era

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