Rev War Land Grants by States

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Savannah RiverRev War Land Grants by States

A ‘refugee’ is someone that lost their land or significant property due to choices of loyalist and/or royalist forces (land and home confiscated; home burnt; all possessions lost, etc). Does not always mean that they supported rebels, but most often they did.

A good example is Pearce Golding — Described as a ‘Distressed Refugee’ among a list of Distressed Refugees from different districts in Sept 1782. See also: Pierce Golden and Pierce Goulden. He appears at different points to have fought for and supported both sides.

++++++ LISTED within the book:

Golden (Goulding), Jesse – Virginia Private. 10 May 1785. 100 acres.

Golden, Palmer – Georgia. Refugee. 21 Apr 1784. 250 acres.

— Descended from Massachusetts Gouldings. Well documented family.

Golden, Peter – Georgia. Refugee. 21 Apr 1785. 250 acres.

— Probably related to Palmer Goulding.

Golden, William – Georgia. Refugee. 21 Apr 1784. 250 acres.

— This is probably William of Lincoln County, Georgia.

Golding, John – Georgia. 17 May 1784

Golding, William – Pennsylvannia. Drummer. 200 acres.

Goulden, Reuben – South Carolina. 3 Mar 1788. 200 acres.

— This was Reuben Golding, son of William and Elizabeth Foster Golding. Has a very interesting war record.

Goulding (Golden), Jesse – Virginia. Private. 23 Oct 1783. 100 acres.

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