Evelyn J. Golden (Duck), 1926-2022

Evelyn J. Golden (Duck), 96 of York PennsylvaniaSwiss GULDEN/Gouldin/Golden — Hugs to the family of Evelyn J. Golden (Duck), 96 of York Pennsylvania. While she and her sister were born in Canada, both parents for generations back were Pennsylvanians. Evelyn would also live most of her life in Pennsylvania. Preceded in death was husband of 50 years, Lt. Colonel G. Quentin Duck, U.S. Army. Survived by her children and other family in Pennsylvania.

>> Gulden from Pennsylvania once upon a time … Evelyn’s family line switched from Gulden to Golden in the 1820s. … This line appears to track back in time Swiss immigrant Samuel Malacrida Gouldin/Gulden 1693–1773 and wife Elizabeth Hilsaweck — wife Elizabeth may not have been Swiss; no info on her origin.