Swiss Guldins that became Guldens, Gouldens and Goldens

Swiss Guldins that settled in USA and became Gulden, Goulden and Golden Samuel Malacrida Guldin, 1693–1773, born 8 Nov 1693 at Stettlen, Bern, Switzerland, immigrated to Pennsylvania at some time before 1717, when his first child was born. Passed away 26 Sep 1773 at Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Married to Elizabeth Hilsaweck, 1693–1745, born … Read more

Swiss Origin Guldins, Guldens, Goldens and Goldendale, Polk County, Oregon

Swiss Origin Guldins, Guldens, Goldens and Goldendale, Polk County, Oregon Goldendale’s Goldendale Sentinel recently published some news items from the local past. “Sunday, May 17, 1959 was the 100th anniversary of the marriage of John Golden and Jane Parrott, and the occasion was remembered by a flower arrangement at the Methodist church in their memory. The … Read more

Jonathan Golden (1806-84) born into Gulden / Gultin family Adams County, PA

Swiss German Goldens — Pennsylvania — Their original name may have been Gulden, but is formally listed as ‘Gultin’ in some documents. Gulden appears to be the more recent acceptable version of the name, with Golden also used. Jonathan Golden (1806-1884) was born into the Gulden / Gultin family of Adams County, Pennsylvania. This family … Read more

The Swiss Goldens of Pennsylvania

Golding / Golden / Goulding et al Family History on Facebook Jonathan Golden Birth 26 Apr 1806 in New Holland, Lancaster Co, PA Death 27 Feb 1884 in Huntington Township, Adams County, PA Married to Catherine Sheets (1797 – 1876) Jonathan and several siblings were the first generation to carry the Golden name. Others continued to … Read more