Obituaries – Golden, Golding, Goulden et al

Obituaries … GOLDEN — Barbara Jean Golden Sheaffer, 86, of Spelter, West Virginia, passed away in the early morning on 30 Apr 2021 surrounded by family. Born in Clarksburg, WV on 11 Apr 1935, a daughter of the late Berthuel and Ella Monroe Golden … Preceded in death by her husband of 38 years, Albert … Read more

Golden and Goldings as Quakers

Golden and Goldings as Quakers Suspect your Goldens of being a Quaker? … Quakers kept amazingly detailed records about their members and their families. Chances are that your ‘Golden’ was not a Quaker … records are available that indicate some few Goldens were Quakers from 1729 onward … these Goldens lived mostly in Pennsylvania and … Read more

Were Gouldmans once Goldings?

Were Gouldmans once Goldings? Gouldman is not a common name. Even today, the name is very rare in the UK and Ireland. Per census records, the Gouldman name exists today in just four counties. For the Virginia Gouldmans to have an original immigrant from the UK or Ireland, then the preceding two generations of Gouldmans … Read more

How We Became Gouldens. Maybe. Rains vs Gouldman in 1718

Rains vs Gouldman Estate, 1718 ~~~ Goulden is Result? The following is mostly fact and part theory. I have tried to clearly delineate between the two. This is an article in active research through spring 2021. Looks for updates.  Have discovered a number of relevant legal documents in the Essex County archives … access will … Read more

1730+ Elizabeth Noel marries FNU Gouldman aka Goulden

1730+ Elizabeth Noel marries FNU Gouldman aka Goulden Occupacia, Caroline and Essex County, Virginia Daniel Noel, 1665–1755andElizabeth Elliott, 1670–1752 Daughter Elizabeth Noel married a FNU Gouldman per the Winston Family History, 1924. No year is given for the marriage. Elizabeth would have been approximately 17 in 1730 — Martha Tomlin, 1680–1721, widow of Edward Gouldman, 1660–1710, would … Read more

1780 – John Golden c1780 SC – 1850 Pike County, Alabama

1780 – Who were the parents of John Golden born c1780 in South Carolina? DNA matches via Ancestry indicate that John Golden born c1780 in South Carolina may be related to the William and Nellie Golden family (c1750-1809) of Newberry-Saluda, South Carolina. DNA matches are available from descendants of Julia Caledonia Golden, 1880 AL-1975 TX, … Read more

1663 – The Monmouth Patent, New Jersey – William Goulding (Golding),1613-1672, Land Speculator

1663 – The Monmouth Patent, New Jersey – William Goulding (Golding),1613-1672, Land Speculator On December 3rd, 1663, 20 men travelled from Gravesend, Long Island (now New York) to what is now Navesink, New Jersey. One of these 20 included William Goulding. These gentlemen set their sights upon colonizing New Jersey, then under Dutch control, and … Read more

Edward & Maria Gee Golding from England to Australia

Thank you to Michelle Thompson for sharing photos of her Golding great-grandparents. Edward and Maria Gee Golding from Cambridgeshire England at some time after immigrating to South Australia. Jacob Golding, son of Edward and Maria Gee Golding with wife Rebecca Ann Taylor and daughter Priscilla Golding.  — Photos from collection of Michelle Thompson, great-great-grandaughter of Priscilla Golding