Golden Goldin Golding Goulden and Goulding – Massachusetts Patriots that served during the Revolutionary War

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Massachusetts Revolutionary War military service by members of the Golden, Goldin, Golding, Goulden and Goulden (GFolks) families.

Massachusetts Soldiers and Seaman during the Revolutionary War


My own Golden family line is not known to be related to any of these GFolks. However, we could be!

Our Goldens appeared in South Carolina around 1780. My ancient greatgrandfather was born as Nathaniel Greene Goulden about 1782/3 at Pickens, South Carolina. He was undoubtedly named after General Nathanael Greene who came to South Carolina from Rhode Island in December 1780.

My Goldens could have arrived in South Carolina decades earlier or they could have been new arrivals. We just do not know.

It is believed that the parents of Nathaniel Greene Goulden, Sr., may be William and Nellie Golden. However, nothing is really known about William and Nellie before about 1790. Their names have been passed along in history — yet they rarely make an appearance in records until after 1800, and there is nothing to associate them with my Nathaniel Greene Golden/Goulden except YDNA. What does connect us is YDNA that comes from other Goldens claiming to be descended from William and Nellie.

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Description of military service is included in the linked PDF file. At some point in the future I will transcribe the PDF and include that information below.

GFolks that served in Massachusetts land or sea forces:

  • Abel Golden/Goulding, Private
  • Eleazar Golding, Volunteer
  • J. Golden, rank not given
  • John Golden/Goulding Jr, Private
  • John Golden, Colonel
  • Jonah Goulding, Private
  • Joseph Golden/Golding/Goulding, Sergeant
  • Joseph Goulding, Private
  • Icabod Goldin/Golding/Goulding, rank not given
  • Silas Golden/Goulden, rank not given but served for five years in a variety of units.
  • William Golden, Private
  • William Golden, Seaman
  • William Golden, ‘Boy’, served on the brigatine “Tyrannicide”
  • Windsor Golden, rank not given


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